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Did you say you hate posing for photos? No worries, we’re all about the candid shots anyways!  We take a more photojournalistic approach to events instead of staging shots, that way focusing on capturing the emotion of the event.

  • We always bring two photographers to the event, making sure we capture every important moment.
  • We don’t set a limit on the amount of photos, and we’re also there for the entire day (no such thing as we work only 6-8 hours, we’re there from the beginning till the end to capture everything!)
  • What we pride ourselves most on is that we do a very quick turnaround for photos (and video) after the event. Many wedding photographers take months to deliver photographs and we’re here to make a difference. We will give you up to 15 photos in less than 24 hours, and the rest of the gallery in less than a month!
  • Engagement session free with booking a wedding package!

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