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Musical Options

We have a few options or combinations for you to choose from. 

DJ's -

Our DJ's have been playing music professionally for over 15 years each. We have done every kind of event from weddings to parties with the Miami Heat. We have traveled all over planet Earth to make people dance.


Trifecta - DJ / Band Combo

This option comes with a DJ, an interactive roaming saxophone player, and a live percussionist. The DJ is playing music for the entire night. The sax player can play elegant classy music during cocktail hour and dinner during time he can roam in between the tables giving a party a traditional classy vibe. We also have the option to add a live violinist to join the party. Once the party starts the live musicians play along side of the DJ to enhance the music. Live instruments add a live feel to every song they play with. There are many songs that feature these instruments but hearing them live alongside the DJ raises the ENERGY!!!!

Don't Forget About The After Party!!!

Time to break out the glow sticks and GET WEIRD!!!

Time to break out the glow sticks and GET WEIRD!!!

Are you having trouble deciding if you want a band or dj? How about BOTH? Parents love bands and because our band is amazing you will love them too!!! After your parents go home to bed we can change the entire vibe of the party with a DJ and light show.

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